Cyber security awareness is crucial in the present era. Here we discuss some essential security topics for 2022

Cyber security awareness is crucial in the present era. Here we discuss some essential security topics for 2022

Cybersecurity awareness is to educate internet users to be sensitive to the various cyber threats and the vulnerability of computers and data to these threats. Cybersecurity awareness is necessary to protect against financial loss and prevent disruption, it’s also crucial to protect from harm. Cybersecurity awareness training program not only lower risks of security frees up the IT department’s time by avoiding cybersecurity breaches.

Here are some Essential Security Awareness topics for 2022:

Phishing Attacks: Phishing is when an email is sent to a person, requesting them to click a link to update or enter their password. So the password is then sent to the hacker and used to compromise their online accounts. So need to understand how to identify a phishing attack and defend against not clicking suspicious links.

Removable media: Removable media is the portable storage medium that allows users to copy data to the device and then remove it from the device to another and vice versa. USB devices containing malware can be left for end-users to find when they plug this into their device. So here need to know how to use these devices safely and responsibly

Social media: nowadays large parts of our lives are on social media. But oversharing can lead to sensitive information being available, making it easy for a malicious actor. So be aware of sharing crucial information.

Passwords and Authentication: Often commonly used passwords will be guessed by malicious actors in the hope of gaining access to your accounts. So here should understand how to create strong passwords to protect online accounts.

Mobile Device Security: The advent of malicious mobile apps has increased the risk of mobile phones containing malware which could potentially lead to a security breach. So always must be a protected device with strong passcodes.


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